Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is Hamas or Israeli military behind the massacre on the beach?

This is, by far, most disturbing and already controversial news of the day - according to preliminary reports An Israeli artillery shell slammed into a crowded beach in the northern Gaza Strip Friday, killing seven members of a Palestinian family. Among the dead was a baby boy who was ripped from his motherÂ’s arms by the explosion. Israeli officials said the attack was part of a larger operation aimed at stopping militants from firing rockets into Israel. The Israeli military later apologized for the civilian deaths. There is an ongoing investigation as to the exact circumstances of this incident.
Later Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz on Tuesday denied that Israel was responsible for a blast on the Gaza beach Friday that killed eight Palestinian civilians. Addressing a Tel Aviv news conference to present the findings of an Israeli inquiry into the incident, Peretz said, "We have enough findings to back up the suspicion that the intention to describe this as an Israeli event is simply not correct." Palestinians charge that the deaths were caused by an Israeli artillery shell.
Israeli military officials said their investigation had concluded that the blast almost certainly came from a Hamas militant mine, and not an Israeli shell.

video link availablee on this website (WARNING, EXTREMELY DISTURBING CONTENTS):


Images of that girl reacting to the sight of her mutilated family will haunt this pundit for a long time; but whoever is responsible for that savagery, facts remains the same, the" election" of Hamas into power in Palestine only further destabilized already volatile situation in the region; and the inability of Palestinians to control these radical elements in their own society, and Israel's pre-emptive aggression only intensifies the situation and fuels the radicals - one is left wondering of what lies ahead.


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