Thursday, December 29, 2005

Empty Promises From Toronto Police Cheif Over Slain Teen

Toronto's police chief vows to bring those responsible for the Boxing Day shootout that left 15-year-old Jane Creba dead to justice."We'll get the people responsible for taking that young girl's life," Chief Bill Blair pledged, adding that his officers would also work to dismantle the gangs involved. "We're going to lock them up."Creba, a top student and gifted athlete at Toronto's Riverdale C.I., was caught in the crossfire on Monday's bloody exchange, which left six other people wounded. She was reportedly struck in the face, and died a short time later of her injuries.
I don't blame Toronto's police though, their hands are really tied and they are unable to conduct effective investigation due to "sensitive" liberal policies. Police is unable to use profiling, or really shake down suspects critical to this investigation; and analogously most of 52 gang-related homicides this year go unsolved in Toronto. It is necessary, thus, to give police, who already have manpower and resources, enough legal tools to deal with this rising problem of gangs and illegal guns - and under Liberal government it will NOT happen. Paul Martin, Jane Creba's blood is on your hands, for your failed policies failed her.

RIP Jane Creba, God Bless Your Soul

January 23rd - Vote Conservative, end Liberal apathy, crackdown on Toronto gangs