Tuesday, December 06, 2005

next step on NAACP agenda: canonize Hitler

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Calling death row inmate Stanley Tookie Williams a "secret weapon" for helping black men stay out of gangs, the head of the NAACP traveled across California on Tuesday to rally support for clemency for the convicted killer.

Sure, all this great man had done is killed 4 people himself, probably, as a gang leader, ordered dozens if not hundreds of murders, thefts, rapes, drive-by shootings ... oh, and founded one of the most violent and bloodthirsty urban gangs in U.S. today - Crips - whose methods are no better than that of Al Queda

... but HE WROTE CHILDREN's BOOKS! and Jamie Foxx made a movie about him, AND SNOOP DOGG spoke out for him - WE MUST LET HIM LIVE!

right NAACP, and Hitler was generally a kind man and drew puppies who admired classical music according to your logic; you know liberals, I heard some support for this insane plea from your side ... you should be ashamed of yourself, this man is a TERRORIST, not only do I hope this guy is executed soon, I hope U.S. government classifies all urban gangs as terrorist groups, so they can be dealt with like Islamic terrorists - i.e. Tomhawk missile into local gang's safehouse