Monday, January 23, 2006

George Galloway Sinks to a New Low, You Should Be Ashamed Liberals

Anti-Iraq War/ Anti-Bush activist and Liberal favorite Brit George Galloway is set to attract further derision after performing a dance routine on Celebrity Big Brother - in a tight-fitting, red leotard. The British MP, already under fire for taking part in the show instead of representing his constituents, ad-libbed a dance routine for his latest stunt. His dance partner was, of course, Pete Burns. The transvestite lead singer of 1980s band Dead or Alive wore a blue leotard, even though he insisted he would not run from a burning house in it.
This image signifies the deviant, perverted, Anti-American, treehugging, pacifist global liberalism or what is left of it in a nutshell, endorsing destruction of our morals and society. No wonder outside and inside ugliness of liberal ideology already turned most of the civilized countries and people in them to the correct neo-conservative direction, while global liberalism is on its deathbed. People had just about enough of the defeatist attitudes of this perverted and morally corrupt liberal ideology - people who shout "Save Tookie!", but murder unborn babies through abortion without even blinking; who spit on the Coalition of the Willing troops, and enjoy freedoms and liberties these same troops defend with their lives; who cheer about perverted gay cowboy film, and then get surprised about pedophile predators that are becoming increasing threat to our children ... world had just about enough of Liberalism as a whole.