Monday, February 20, 2006

Biggest doping scandal of 2006 Torino is Austria!?

As Austria surpassed Russia and USA in medal count points getting second-most behind Germany - the biggest scandal of Olympics can be brewing as more than 100 syringes, 30 packs of drugs as well as devices for transfusions and testing had been seized in the raid on the biathlon and cross-country teams, the official said. The Austrian team said later that all the drugs and medical equipment collected was legitimate. The International Olympic Committee are still examining the samples they took from 15 Austrian athletes the same night, IOC President Jacques Rogge told Austrian television.Yet the biathlon and cross-country skiing coach, whose presence in Italy had put the Austrians in such unwanted limelight when their bases were raided by police looking for drugs over the weekend, still haunted the team even though he had returned home.
Walter Mayer's admission to an Austrian psychiatric hospital was the latest almost surreal twist to a drama which has included a night-time drugs raid by police, a car crash, an arrest and two Austrian athletes disappearing into the night. "Walter Mayer is in the psychiatric hospital, unfortunately. He's in custody to protect himself because apparently he's said he wanted to commit suicide or something like that. I couldn't talk to him myself," Austrian Ski Federation president Peter Schroecksnadel told state radio ORF. Mayer is banned from the Games over his involvement in a blood doping scandal at the Salt Lake City Games in 2002. He was not found during the raid. On Sunday he crashed into an Austrian police roadblock after refusing a breath test for alcohol. He has been charged with civil disorder, an Austrian prosecutor said, and was sacked by the Austrian ski federation.

Unbelievable ....


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