Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Katrina "Victims" Used Tax Payer's Money for Porn

FEBRUARY 14--Some victims of hurricanes Katrina and Rita used federal assistance money to pay for "adult erotica," a pistol, strip club fees, and at least one $450 tattoo, according to a new government audit. A Government Accountability Office review of weaknesses in the Federal Emergency Management Agency's distribution of aid describes some of the abuse connected with FEMA's dispensing of $2000 debit cards. While most of the February 13 GAO report addresses the use of multiple social security numbers to secure unwarranted handouts, auditors also examined where some of those funds were expended. An excerpt from the federal audit can be found below. (2 pages)


What was that dumb French whiner Celine Dion said about it being ok for these people to loot? And now you wanted to continue using American tax payer money for the hotel rooms for these people?! NUTS!



Blogger Rodogg said...

They were victims, to many people died because Bush took forever to get anything done. How is that a superpower like the states let this happen in there own damn backyard. This was a horrible thing that happened, Bush never acted in time, alot of people thought because he does not like black people. But that would be taking this blog comment a little to far in accusing Bush of being a racist so I guess I won't. Either way Bush still dropped the ball and many people died. Add this to his long list of blunders while being president. Topped up with at the very top the states going into Iraq!

8:14 PM, February 14, 2006  
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