Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Iraq Top General Assassination Raises Questions

BAGHDAD - The Iraqi army is investigating how a gunman managed to kill a senior Iraqi general in an attack that has fueled concern about the new, U.S.-trained Iraq military's cohesion in the face of brewing sectarian conflict. "It is a very strange incident and raises many questions," an official in the Defense Ministry press service said on Tuesday after the commander of all Iraqi troops in Baghdad died from a bullet to the head while in a patrol convoy on Monday.
I just can't picture a sandal-wearing "death to America" type taking out this general in the moving convoy with a headshot. This is definitely professional assassination - which raises a question - WHO?
Several possibilities - lucky shot (discard that right away, too much coincidence), a rival Iraqi general hiring a pro-hitman, Iranian special forces (very plausible) - whoever is behind it - this story is definitely worth following.


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