Monday, April 10, 2006

8 Dead in Canadian "Bandidos" motorcycle gangland execution

Five people are charged in a mass biker murder cops call an "internal cleansing." Cops surrounded the home of Wayne Kellestine, a known member of the Bandidos biker gang, and took him into custody late Sunday. He lives about 10 kilometres from the murder scene. Four others inside the house were also detained. All have been charged with eight counts of first-degree murder.
“We're trying to exactly determine where they were all killed. We may have several places, but we're working toward that, and we expect the examination of that scene will take potentially a couple of weeks.” The bodies were found in four vehicles in a farmer’s field on Saturday. Since then, a cloak of secrecy has descended on the case, with authorities declaring the area a no-fly zone.
“Mr. Kellestine has been involved in the outlaw motorcycle gang for a considerable period of time,” Bell reports. “He has been entrenched in the lifestyle for quite some time.”Cops insist their investigation is still at the early stage and admit more arrests could be coming. They were unable to say how the victims were lured to the area.

The Victims:
- Full Fledged Bandidos: George Jesso, 5; George Kriarakis, 28; Luis Manny Raposo, 41; Francesco Salerajno, 43; Paul Sinopoli, 30; John Muscedere, 48;
- Associate Member: Michael Trotta, 31
- Prospect Member: Jamie Flanz, 37

The Accused: Wayne Kellestine, 56; Eric Niessen, 45; Kerry Morris, 56; Frank Mather, 32; Brett Gardner, 21

Just when you thought motorcycle gangs were relegated to B-grade TV shows and gay bars, this hits you when it hurts - worst case of gang-related murder in Canada in 27 years (after Mafia ordeals of the 70s), the province-wide outreach and brutality of these gangs really dwarves any urban crime problems.