Friday, May 05, 2006

Gangland Toronto - Officer Down

Reports from Windsor indicate a police officer in the border town has apparently been shot and killed and a huge manhunt has been launched for at least one escaped suspect. Details about what happened are still sketchy, but it appears just after 2pm, an officer became involved in a confrontation with two men in a convenience store parking lot. A clerk says she heard several loud bangs, then looked outside to see one man on the ground. “She saw two young men out in the parking lot,” explains Patty Handysides of Chum Radio’s CKLW. “She didn't realize at first they had guns. Next thing she knew, she heard two shots. She looked out. She saw a man shooting back at the kids. “He was bleeding profusely from the face, from the mouth area and then the two young men fled, one with a gun in his hand… "The man fell to the ground with a badge and other police material on him falling out. She says he was in plain clothes and then was not moving after that.”Hours after the crime, his body remained under a tarp and hadn't been taken away. Other officers rushed to the area and took two young men into custody about 40 minutes later. They're said to be between 18 and 22 years old. But a third armed man who may have been involved fled the scene into an industrial area and authorities in Windsor have launched an intense search to find him.

This blog urges anyone with any information in regards to this shooting contact your local police department, or call anonymous tips line 416 - 222 - tips (8477)


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