Monday, June 12, 2006

2 Canadian Hero Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan Battle

Two Canadian soldiers have been shot in a gunbattle with Taliban forces in Afghanistan today. Their injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, said CBC correspondent David Common, who is in Kandahar in southern Afghanistan. They were taken by helicopter to a hospital at the main Canadian military base in Kandahar.
The soldiers were taking part in one of the largest gunbattles since international troops arrived in Afghanistan in 2002.
The operation, which was taking place in the Panjwai region west of Kandahar, started Sunday night after coalition forces learned that up to 800 Taliban fighters were gathering in a village. The military operation involves infantry, armour, and artillery from the Edmonton-based Princess Patricia's Canadian Light infantry. About 2,300 Canadian soldiers are serving in Afghanistan, mostly in the country's southern region.

This blogger is so honored that our troops had finally switched to the offensive operations in this war of pre-emption where the latter is, in fact, the only way to win. Hopefully, under our new conservative government, with cooperation of local, friendly forces under democratically-elected government of Afghanistan - we can expand our offensive operations against Taliban and Islamic terrorists in the region, increase troop presence, and eventually relieve our American friends from Afghan duty, as we plan to takeover all Afghanistan operations by 2008.


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