Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Even Europe supports Bush on North Korea and Iran

VIENNA, Austria - President Bush won solid European support Wednesday for his handling of escalating nuclear crises with North Korea and but was challenged over the Iraq (oh well) war, the U.S. prison camp in Cuba and rising anti-American sentiment.
"That's absurd," Bush snapped at a news conference in response to an assertion that the United States was regarded as the biggest threat to global security. "We'll defend ourselves, but at the same time we're actively working with our partners to spread peace and democracy.
Unbidden, Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel rose with an impassioned defense that seemed to surprise the president.
"I think it's grotesque to say that America is a threat to the peace in the world compared with North Korea, Iran, a lot of countries," Schuessel said. Europe would not enjoy peace and prosperity if not for U.S. help after World War II, he said. "We should be fair from the other side of the Atlantic," Schuessel said. "We should understand what September 11th meant to the American people."
Only liberals ass bandits still fail to comprehend reality of post 9/11 global environment and enemies of freedom; you libs are too brainwashed by anti-American Bolshevik elements like George Soros conglomerate and war profiteer Michael Moore. Shame, tragedy like 9/11 haven't opened your eyes to the reality of world we live in. Oh well, libturds, president Bush will lead the world in liberation of Axis of Evil nations of Iran and North Korea at any cost with or without you .


Anonymous Anonymous said...

President Bush has led himself to Davy Jones's locker with all of his unpopular positions. George Soros used to be one of you neo-con hacks...but now he is a born-again liberal democrat who is working to spread peace and democracy in the balkans.

President Bush is a wimp who never served a day in his life. If American troops are spread so thin...why doesn't he set the example and send those little brats of his to pick up the gun in the name of freedom and American values. Oh I forgot...his daughters like to get intoxicated and spend precious tax payer dollars. Lets not forget the Vice President! While Americans are being beheaded in Iraq....Dick Cheney enjoys shooting lawyers and plotting against former American ambassadors.


11:23 AM, June 22, 2006  
Blogger Rodogg said...

Nicely put, I agree with it all. Why doesn't he get his daughters to fight the war on terrorism, if it means so much to Bush than why does he not get his family involved.

11:14 PM, June 22, 2006  
Blogger yugunter said...

was Chelsea Clinton fighting in Kosovo? why should his daughters fight? it is an honor for underprivileged kids to join the army, it is their ticket out of drugs, gangs, and prison to glory and self-respect ... we need our elite back here to keep you, libs, in check

11:32 PM, June 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Neo-Con hack....Chelsea Clinton was born in early 80's....hence the bombing campaign started when she was fresh faced high school senior...I don't know about you but sending kids to war is something we reserve for insane third world dictators. was mostly an American bombing campaign...pilots are trained and well and have university educations...Chelsea Clinton was probably writing her SAT at the could she possibly joined her fellow soldiers without the knowledge.

Now lets go back to Bush's brats. They are currently of age....they could be part of the war because it is a combined air and ground war. However....they choose not to particiapte in any form of freedom spreading......

I would spit in their general direction if I could!! George Bush Sr., who is a real war hero (Not George W.), must be disgusted with his grandaughters.


12:11 PM, June 23, 2006  
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