Saturday, July 15, 2006


Afghan and coalition forces have killed nearly 60 rebels in major clashes with insurgents in southern Afghanistan over the past two days. The government and US-led coalition said meanwhile they were investigating media reports of mounting civilian casualties as Afghan and coalition troops push ahead with a major anti-Taliban operation launched two months ago.
More than 30 "enemy extremists" were killed in an operation in Uruzgan province on Thursday, the US-led coalition said in a statement as the worst violence since the fall of the Taliban continued. Afghan army and coalition forces attacked around 40 rebels on Thursday and Friday "in an effort to disrupt and deny enemy operations in those areas," the coalition statement said.
"Patrol reports and debriefings concluded that an estimated 31 enemy extremists were killed during engagements in Chora, Kala Kala, and Khorma villages," it said. Another 10 were killed Saturday in an early morning air assault on "several known extremist targets" in southern Helmand province, one of the areas worst hit by a Taliban insurgency and where more than 2,300 British troops are based. "Coalition forces, supported by Afghan and coalition ground forces, conducted a night-time air assault into Sangin and killed 10 enemy extremists in a brief battle," a separate coalition statement said.
I am so proud Canadian soldiers are a part of these operations.