Sunday, August 13, 2006

Battle For the Southern Lebanon continues to rage ... on the Internet

That's right, as the ceasefire that is scheduled for Monday is overshadowed by continuous rocket barrages by Hezbollah and air strikes by Israel - there is another important battlefield in this conflict - and it is public opinion. As news outlets follow their programming models - bloggers and free lance journalists do not. For those interested - check out popular web encyclopedia Wikipedia's article discussion on this conflict - it had already been locked for moderation because of article vandalism, as people are literally fighting for every word and definition of the description of this month-long and bloody conflict. Those who control the populous opinion, control the populous - this simple wisdom seem to be very prudent in today's world of uncertainty, terrorism, and dangers.
Another interesting example of this is Yahoo message boards - all one has to do, is click on Yahoo news article concerning this conflict, scroll down, and hit "discuss" button. Some people there, usually just looking for attention (web term trolling), would post obscene and racist things, however, most posts there bring up the issue of unbalanced and skewed reporting on conflict, and the way people feel about the latter and the conflict itself. The Internets, in the words of president Bush, is the place for pluralism and debate, and despite the fact it can get ugly and uncomfortable to some - it is in the debate where the truth is born.


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