Thursday, August 31, 2006

Outrageous, Orwellian-like fascism in UK as violent porn is about to be outlawed !?

LONDON (AFP) - Watching and possessing images of rape and sexual torture is to be made a criminal offence, punishable with a jail term of up to three years. The plan follows a campaign by two MPs and the mother of a schoolteacher who was killed in 2003. Violent Internet pornography was implicated in the trial of the man convicted of her murder. Home Office minister Vernon Coaker said there was an urgent need to tackle the problem because such images were becoming more easily available on the Internet and control of their distribution more difficult. The new laws - which will cover pornography online and offline - will ban possession of images depicting "scenes of extreme sexual violence", plus other obscene material like beastiality or necrophilia. For example, it would cover violence that is, or appears to be, life-threatening or is likely to result in "serious and disabling injury". Britain's Obscene Publications Act 1959 currently bans the publication and distribution of such material, but not its possession.
Under the proposals, the maximum penalty for publication, distribution and possession for gain of obscene pornography would also be increased from three to five years' imprisonment. The Home Office said they did not intend to target people who accidentally access obscene pornography nor those working within the mainstream adult entertainment industry, which works within existing obscenity laws. The project is in response to a consultation launched last year and comes after a 50,000-signature petition against extreme Internet sites promoting violence against women for sexual gratification was presented to parliament.

So, does this mean anyone in deliberate possession of the bible in UK - depicting, among others - a violent, necrophiliac, and homoerotic scene involving whipping, crown of thorns, and crucifixion will be arrested and sentenced to 3 years?

Sounds absurd?!

But this fascist assault (Sex Pistols were right about the Queen) on the freedom of internet continues, people need to wake up, normal porn will be next to go, and before you know it - government will be informed of everything you do on the internet. I understand obscenity issues connected with beastiality and necrophilia material; but what is wrong with violent porn? All the scenes are staged, and no one is forcing anyone to watch them, or (for that matter) to participate in them. I, personally, rather find daytime TV and reality shows far more intellectually pornographic, perverted, shallow, and degrading. This is unbelievable, I just wish people would realize the long-term effects of these kinds of draconian regulations against people's privacy and general freedoms. If this will happen in Canada - I hope people stand up firmly against that.

(in the words of Mel Gibson's Braveheart) - FREEDOM!


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