Tuesday, December 20, 2005

WHAT? part 2

LOS ANGELES - Few condemned inmates have generated as much public support as Stanley Tookie Williams — and so much post-execution attention. His final send-off promises to be no different. A funeral normally reserved for a dignitary or religious leader was scheduled for Tuesday, almost exactly a week after Williams was executed by lethal injection for murdering four people during a pair of 1979 robberies. Among those expected to attend were the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who visited Williams shortly before his death; Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan; and hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg.

If yesterday's story wasn't enough of a shocker - this one is sure is ... jee, since we didn't get to see riots and lootings of plasma TVs last week - there is another chance ... Funeral procession for a man who co-founded most dangerous domestic terrorist group on U.S. soil - Crips?! Because he achieved "redemption" in jail - by NOT admitting to his crimes and killing more people in the showers? This is insane, Nation of Islam might as well honor fallen Taliban and Al Queda fighters if they endorse this - another surprise from this group. Jesse Jackson is a nutcase, so no issues there. And Snoop Dogg is a recording artist ... publicity at any cost. Tookie's worthless carcass should be cremated and spread in the wind, and now, I bet, we will see XXXL t-shirts in worst parts of our cities with his mug on it - according to this logic Hitler drew puppies and made Zyklon B manufacturer really rich, why - he's as benevolent as Tookie.


Blogger Rodogg said...

I see, that even with the comments made by Kommander, you still need to disgrace this mans death. This is harsh even for you, but what can we expect from a conservative, more like a republican. Your leader is a cold hearterd man who doesn't give a damn about people risking there lives for a cause that has not really been established. All I know is that he claims it is to withold democracy, alright get out of there already. Its already a failure now get out!!!

Again I urge you Canada to please vote Conservative on January 23, 2006 because we do not need cold hearted conservatives in power who do not have a caring ounce in there heart, just look at good old George W Harper, why is that he cannot show any passion when he speaks, why is he so damn stiff, does he not really care about the issues like Mr. Martin does. I urge you Canada to not vote in a robot like Harper who will just be there for show, he has not shown me any passion as yet, get a heart Harper!!!!!


10:31 AM, December 20, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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