Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Canadian organized crime boss speaks out on elections

The Conservative leader is essentially a separatist and Quebecers ought to vote for the Bloc because anything is better than a Tory government, labour leader Buzz Hargrove said on Wednesday. Hargrove, president of the Canadian Auto Workers, made the comments at a campaign stop in Strathroy, Ont., where he was endorsing Liberal Leader Paul Martin. But while speaking to reporters after Martin's speech, Hargrove said having a strong Bloc Québécois caucus in opposition would be better for national unity than a Conservative caucus in power.
"If you devolve all the powers to the provinces, what do you have left?" Hargrove said. Stephen Harper's "view of the country is a separatist view," he added. Harper and the Conservatives have been surging in polls taken in Quebec, and Hargrove urged voters there to "stop Stephen Harper in any way they can."
Hargrove has broken with traditional union ranks by endorsing the Liberals in ridings where the New Democrats have no chance of winning.
Harper said Hargrove's comments were "shocking," and suggested Martin distance himself from them. "I don't think any federalist leader should be urging people to vote for the Bloc," Harper said, while in Toronto. Martin said he doesn't agree with the characterization of Harper has a separatist. "I have large differences with Stephen Harper but I have never doubted his patriotism," Martin said at a news conference in London.
Hargrove also took a swipe at NDP Leader Jack Layton, saying he has spent too much of his campaign time going after the Liberals rather than the Conservatives, "as if undermining Liberals was going to strengthen the NDP."
Of course, under liberal government organized labour groups had become connected to and operating like organized crime group - using coercion, threats, and sabotage to highjack Canadian's tax payer's money. Time to crack down on the corrupt unions for the sake of Canadian economy.



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