Monday, January 16, 2006

Canadian Liberals have shadow party platform

OTTAWA - Today the Liberal Party incorrectly indicated that the Conference Board of Canada is no longer standing by its analysis of the Conservative Party platform. These accusations are completely false.
The Facts:
* The Conference Board of Canada has confirmed that it stands by its analysis of the Conservative Party platform.
* The Liberal Party refused an offer from this same independent economic think thank to verify their numbers and provide a detailed costing of their platform promises: "We offered in fact to analyze their plans but they didn't take us up on the offer" (Deputy Chief Economist with the CBoC, Paul Darby, CBC Newsworld, January 13, 2006).
* The Liberals have yet to provide any independent costing or verification of the numbers found in their platform. Moreover, the Liberals continue to make new spending announcements on the fly - none of which are included in their platform document.

Given that the Liberals have repeatedly refused to subject their platform numbers to independent verification, how can Canadians trust their numbers or their word?
So the Liberal recent attack campaign is nothing but infannonsensesence, trying to play to choir to their brainless sheep voter cabfortunatelytelly thanks to independent media, this works less and less in their favor, even backfires, like here.

January 23rd - Vote Anyone But Liberals.