Friday, January 13, 2006

NDP's Jack Layton Used Private Health Clinic - Hypocrite

NDP Leader Jack Layton got his first taste of election controversy this week when he was forced to defend having surgery at a private clinic in the 1990s. The New Democrat chief, who’s spent much of his campaign defending public health care, underwent a hernia operation at the Shouldice Hospital in Thornhill, a private clinic, when he was serving as a Toronto city councillor. Layton said he wasn’t aware the facility was private when he went for his surgery, and insists he paid with his health card.
What a hypocrite and a liar - no suprise there from a socialist hack like him, but you know, if you want to vote Jack Lenin there - go ahead, few blathering NDP communist wackos are just fun to watch in the parliament, just DON'T vote Liberal on January 23rd.


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