Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Liberals Get Desperate in Canada, Pathetic

OTTAWA – With their campaign spiraling into desperation, the Liberals today released a series of negative American-style attack ads, including one that outrageously suggests that Canadian soldiers are a menace.
To the tune of ominous military drums, the offensive Liberal TV ad says, “Stephen Harper actually announced he wants to increase military presence in our cities. Canadian cities. Soldiers with guns. In our cities. In Canada. We did not make this up. Choose your Canada.” This bizarre Liberal ad implies that the thousands of proud men and women who protect Canada, support democracy, and help with natural disasters are somehow a threat to Canadian cities.
* Canadian Forces reserve force personnel (i.e. “soldiers with guns”) are already located in all of Canada’s cities.
* Regular army forces (i.e. “soldiers with guns”) are based in Quebec City, Edmonton, and many other Canadian cities; navy personnel are already in Halifax and Esquimalt; air force personnel are already in Winnipeg, Trenton, and Bagotville.
* The Conservative Party’s “Canada First” defence policy supports Canada’s soldiers by calling for an increase in our reserve personnel levels in major urban areas across Canada, and for providing them with more resources to do their job.
* The policy will strengthen the Canadian Forces so that Canada has a better capacity to respond to domestic emergencies and natural disasters, such as ice storms in Ontario and Quebec, floods on the Prairies, and hurricanes in Atlantic Canada.

Just what are the Liberals saying about Canadian soldiers?



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