Friday, January 13, 2006

ACLU Protects Enemy Combatants

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Newly released military documents show U.S. Army investigators closed a probe into allegations an Iraqi detainee had been abused by a shadowy military task force after its members used fake names and asserted that key computer files had been lost.
The documents shed light on Task Force 6-26, a special operations unit, and confirmed the existence of a secret military "Special Access Program" associated with it, ACLU lawyer Amrit Singh said on Thursday.
The documents were released by the Army to the American Civil Liberties Union under court order through the Freedom of Information Act. They were the latest files to provide details of the numerous investigations carried out by the Army into allegations of detainee abuse in Iraq.

I have two questions in regards to this:
(1) What business does ACLU has protecting "civil liberties" of foreign enemy combatants
(2) Isn't aiding enemy in the time of war (and we are in the war against global Islamic terrorism) constitutes treason punishable by death without trial?

Just asking ... any lib care to respond?

P.S. Where do I sign up to torture terrorist suspects? I will do it for free.