Sunday, January 01, 2006

First Major Political Development of 2006

According to Israeli's Jerusalem Post, the United States government reportedly began coordinating with NATO its plans for a possible military attack against Iran.
The German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel collected various reports from the German media indicating that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are examining the prospects of such a strike.
According to the report, CIA Director Porter Goss, in his last visit to Turkey on December 12, requested Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to provide military bases to the United States in 2006 from where they would be able to launch an assault.
The German news agency DDP also noted that countries neighboring Iran, such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Oman, and Pakistan were also updated regarding the supposed plan. American sources sent to those countries apparently mentioned an aerial attack as a possibility, but did not provide a time frame for the operation.
Although Der Spiegel could not say that these plans were concrete, they did note that according to a January 2005 New Yorker report American forces had entered Iran in 2005 in order to mark possible targets for an aerial assault.

Wow, and we just took off our party hats


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is all speculative nonesense!
I thought the moderator would be more practical and discuss the emerging oil crisis in the Ukraine and Russia. This may have negative consequences on the rest of Europe....and show a disregard for the spirit of mediation.


P.S On a lighter note I would like to wish all a happy and safe new year

3:28 AM, January 01, 2006  
Blogger yugunter said...

there is no doubt in my mind that there will be some kind of action (being a covert operation, coup d'etat, or an airstrike) will be taken against terrorist harbouring Islamic fundamentalist government and their nutcase president - no speculation here, just a matter of time

freedom is on the march

6:23 PM, January 06, 2006  

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