Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ACLU takes the side of Islamic terrorists ... again

NEW YORK - The American Civil Liberties Union said on its Web site Tuesday night that it was demanding action by the Federal Communications Commission and in 17 states. It planned to advertise the start of its program in newspapers across the country Wednesday. The Don't Spy On Me campaign, symbolized by a telephone with an eye on it, urges the public to go to an ACLU Web site to add their names to complaints being filed with the FCC and with state utility commissions. "Join us in our work," the ACLU site said, referring to the program. "Help defend privacy and civil liberties."

And Libturds begin their campaign of America hatred again, you know, in my view, in post-9/11 world government has every right to know what people with names like Muhammed or Ali Baba talk about in private on American soil ... but that is beyond the point. Why are these leftards always in the way of our progress in the war against global Islamic fundamentalism, why do you hate American liberals?