Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Canadian Female KIA in Afghanistan; Canada can take over entire Afghan operation

Even as Parliament debates the future of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan, comes more devastating news. Another member of our armed forces has been killed in action in the war-torn nation and this latest tragedy represents another first – the victim is a female soldier. Nichola Goddard of Shilo, Manitoba was killed during a firefight with Taliban insurgents in the Panjwai region, about 24 kilometres west of the Canadian base in Kandahar. his latest casualty will likely leave an already divided public further disenchanted with the Canadian mission overseas. Seventeen Canadians – including 16 soldiers and one diplomat – have been claimed in fighting in the country since our participation began under the Liberal regime. The Conservatives surprised the opposition parties on Monday by putting forth the idea of extending our presence in the former Taliban stronghold by at least two years. A published report suggests NATO has asked Canada to take command of the entire Afghan mission in 2008.