Monday, May 29, 2006

Criminal Transit Union Paralyzes City of Toronto

Management calls it an illegal strike. The union calls it a lockout. And hundreds of thousands of commuters call it a major disaster. TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) workers made good on their weekend threat Monday, shutting down the entire system at 5am. The job action means there are no buses, streetcars or subways running anywhere in the city, leaving commuters stranded and roads clogged with extra traffic as everyone seeks another way into work. Some GO service is also affected because buses can't get into the T.T.C. stations. Only Wheel-Trans is still on track for now. Union members blocked the entrance to the transit yards early Monday, making it impossible for employees to get to their vehicles. There are disagreements over just what this unexpected strike is about.
I call it labor terrorism - I am so sick and tired of corrupt unions ruining the everyday lives and businesses of North America, not to mention the long term adverse impact in the globally competitive economy. I don't think unions are serving a good purpose today; they only further reduce the amount of decent employment opportunities available in to today's job environment through unrealistic demands for employers, as well as expedite inevitable outsourcing and McDonaldization of labor, not to mention organized crime ties. Ironically, people targeted in this strike - are the one's who are struggling the most (i.e. new immigrants, lower working class) - those who unions are SUPPOSEDLY representing. I say - down with ALL unions!


Blogger Rodogg said...

Easy buddy, the TTC was justified in striking. They have been assaulted many times and TTC needs more security. Why the hell is your hero Harper not giving more money in order for the TTC to implement key security procedures needed, Conservatives suck plain and SIMPLE!!!!!!!!

11:53 PM, May 29, 2006  
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