Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just another day with radical Islam

Israeli soldiers remove the bodies of two dead comrades after an attack by Palestinian militants at a military post near kibbutz Kerem Shalom, just outside the Gaza Strip, Sunday June 25, 2006. Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip infiltrated Israel through a tunnel early Sunday, attacking a military post and killing two soldiers before soldiers shot dead three gunmen, the army, militants and witnesses said. Also one Israeli soldier was missing after the attack, the army said. The small Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility for the attack, saying militants from the ruling Hamas group and from a previously unknown group, the Islam Army, participated in the attack. In the background the control tower of the closed Gaza airport in the outskirts of the Palestinian town of Rafah.
Elsewhere, an al-Qaida-linked group in Iraq has said it has killed four Russian hostages, according to a statement posted on the internet. "God's verdict has been carried out on the Russian diplomats ... in revenge for the torture, killing and expulsion of our brothers and sisters by the infidel Russian government," the statement said. The group has demanded that Russia pull out its troops from Chechnya and release all Muslim prisoners. Four Russian embassy workers were abducted on June 3 after an attack on their car in Baghdad's Mansour neighbourhood. A fifth Russian was killed in the incident.
Meanwhile, seven U.S. soldiers were killed in Iraq within the past 24 hours as the Iraq's prime minister plans to offer up a peace plan aimed at ending the insurgency, but most Sunni insurgent groups say it doesn't meet their concerns.

wow, and the day only began