Sunday, September 03, 2006

Four Canadian Hero soldiers killed in the Afghanistan firefights of Operation Medusa

It was a deadly day for Canadian forces in southern Afghanistan after four troops were killed in action. The deaths happened Sunday during the second day of a military push in the Panjwayi district dubbed Operation Medusa that involved heavy air stirkes and artillery barrages. Nine Canadian soldiers were also wounded in a battle in which 200 Taliban militants were killed according to Canadian Brig.-Gen. David Fraser. "It's going well, but there have been a number of International Security Assistance Force casualties," NATO International Security Assistance Force spokesman Maj. Scott Lundy said. "We recognize this kind of difficult or challenging operation can't be completed without having some number of casualties."
British and American troops are also taking part in the mission that is aimed at clearing the area near Kandahar of Taliban fighters. NATO hopes the Afghan government can take control of the insurgent stronghold and wants to ensure it doesn't slip back into the hands of the Taliban. Sunday's casualties came a day after a NATO plane crashed killing 14 British troops. Officials said the craft was experiencing technical problems and that the crash was not caused by enemy fire.

Semper Fi, libtards.