Thursday, September 14, 2006

Montreal Shooter Identified

This is one Kimveer Gill (aged 25, of Laval, Quebec) - the alleged shooter in the September 13, 2006 shooting at Dawson College in Montreal (killing one person and wounded 19 others, 6 critically, before he was slain by police). An online image gallery on Gill's blog contains more than 50 photos depicting the young man in various poses holding a Beretta CX4 Storm semi-automatic rifle and donning a long black trenchcoat and combat boots. "His name is Trench. you will come to know him as the Angel of Death," he wrote on his profile.

Suspect's blog and profile

Kimveer, eh?, sounds like it's not a gun, but rather illegal immigration that is the main issue here - Kimveer - let me guess illegal immigrant from India


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