Sunday, September 10, 2006


I KNOW THAT FOR A FACT because Elvis came down in a UFO from Area 51 and met with me on that grassy knoll where the 2nd Kennedy assassin was!He (the alien Elvis) told me that he had an insider who worked for the WTC! It was Bigfoot! And Bigfoot told Alien Elvis that he PERSONALLY witnessed GW Bush planting EXPLOSIVES in the World Trade Center!Then Bigfoot (who happens to be Jewish) CALLED 6000 OF HIS JEWISH FRIENDS AND TOLD THEM NOT TO SHOW UP FOR WORK THAT DAY!Meanwhile, black helicopters with cloaking devices, flew the estimated 40 TONS of dynamite onto the roof of the Trade Center.Then, with the Jewish Hollywood elite's help, Bush made a video of planes hitting the WTC just like Hollywood did FOR THE MOON LANDINGS!It's all true! I READ IT ON THE INTERNET!


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