Tuesday, October 03, 2006


SEOUL (Reuters) - Reclusive North Korea said on Tuesday it would conduct its first-ever nuclear test, blaming a U.S. "threat of nuclear war and sanctions" for forcing its hand. The statement by North Korea's foreign ministry, which was carried on the official KCNA News Agency, was immediately condemned by Japan as called "totally unforgivable."
Its announcement capped weeks of rumors that the Stalinist state was planning a test and came amid increasingly bitter relations with the outside world after it test-fired missiles in July. "The U.S. extreme threat of a nuclear war and sanctions and pressure compel the DPRK (North Korea) to conduct a nuclear test, an essential process for bolstering nuclear deterrent, as a corresponding measure for defense," the statement said.
But it added that North Korea would never use nuclear weapons first and would "do its utmost to realize the denuclearization of the peninsula and give impetus to the worldwide nuclear disarmament and the ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons." Analysts say North Korea probably has enough fissile material to make 6 to 8 nuclear bombs but probably does not have the technology to make one small enough to mount on a missile.
Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso was quoted by Kyodo News Agency as calling the planned test "totally unforgivable" and warning that the international community would respond harshly. Officials in North Korea's two other major neighbors -- China and
South Korea gave no immediate reaction to the report.

That's it - this is zero hour - civilized world (excluding Islamic savages) must realize that this is a decisive moment - a situation which must be resolved for all of us to prevail. Time for talking is over - I think that a well-coordinated allied conventional attack against North Korean nuclear facilities, command & control, as well industrial, military, and governmental targets is the only option. Civlian casualty rate might be as high 20-30% when the nuke reactors blow up - but this is the casualties we must be ready to accept, and WE MUST ACT NOW.


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