Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Muslims killing Christian children over Muhammed Cartoon

LAGOS, Nigeria - Bodies littered the streets of the southern Nigerian city of Onitsha on Wednesday as the death toll from days of Christian-Muslim violence across Nigeria rose to at least 93. "I've counted more than 20 people killed today," said Onitsha resident Isotonu Achor after gangs of rioters armed with machetes and shotguns poured through the mainly Christian city."Major streets are littered with bodies of people killed today, most of them northerners," Achor said. Other witnesses also said they saw at least 20 dead. Residents said soldiers had opened fire on a mob of ethnic Igbo Christians that tried to enter the military barracks after reports ethnic Hausa Muslims sheltering in the barracks had attacked a nearby primary school, killing a number of children.

Well, well, well - brave defenders of Islam preying on defenseless chidlren and civilians again - does that sound all too familiar by now? I think it does. Oh, and where is UN in all this? Probably too busy stealing money


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