Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"Zionazis continue to battle Islamofascists in Gaza, we should just stay out ..."

As my politically incorrect compatriot eloquently said on Yahoo message boards about Israeli troops killing four Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and widened a four-month-old offensive on Wednesday by sending tanks to take up positions around the Rafah border crossing with Egypt. The Israeli military said its forces had found five tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip used by Palestinian militants to smuggle in weapons from Egypt. Reports from Gaza hospitals indicate that several victims of Israeli strikes came with unusual skin burns, leading doctors to suspect that Israeli military is using some kind of unknown incendiary munitions on militants.
Meanwhile, the U.S. military reported Wednesday that 10 American troops had been killed the day before, raising the death toll so far this month to 69 and putting October on track to be the deadliest month for coalition forces since January 2005.


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