Monday, July 31, 2006

Middle East Crisis: Day 20 - War of Images

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Middle East Crisis: Day 19, Israel murders 34 kids while they sleep

QANA, Lebanon - Israeli missiles hit several buildings in a southern Lebanon village as people slept Sunday, killing at least 56, most of them children, in the deadliest attack in 19 days of fighting. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert expressed "great sorrow" for the airstrikes but blamed Hezbollah guerrillas for using the area to launch rockets at
Israel, and said he would not halt the army's operation. The Lebanese Red Cross said the airstrike in Qana, in which at least 34 children were killed, pushed the overall Lebanese death toll to more than 500. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice postponed a visit to Lebanon in a setback for diplomatic efforts to end hostilities. She was to return to the U.S. Monday morning, abruptly breaking off her diplomatic mission in the Mideast.

In other news:
Rice Postpones Visit to Beirut
Gaza Militants Attack Southern Israel
EU Official Blasts Israeli Airstrike
U.N. Security Council Calls for Immediate Permanent Cease-Fire
Aid Continues to Arrive in Beirut

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Middle East Crisis: Day 18, Is ceasefire near?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Political Cartoon of the Day

Middle East Crisis: Day 17

The US state department has dismissed as "outrageous" a suggestion by Israel that it has been authorised by the world to continue bombing Lebanon. UK PM Tony Blair has arrived in Washington for talks on the crisis. His meeting with US President George W Bush comes amid growing pressure for the UK and US to join calls for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah. Israel has carried out dozens of fresh strikes on Lebanon. Lebanese officials said at least 12 people had been killed.

In other news:
Canadian wife of UN observer bombed in Lebanon blames Israel...
Arab countries line up behind Hezbollah...
Police clash with Arab youths trying to access Temple Mount...
Hezbollah Says It Has Fired a New Type Of Rocket...
'Never before seen in Israel'...
Hezbollah leader said to be hiding in Iranian Embassy

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Middle East Crisis Continues: Day 16, Al Queda calls for Holy War on Israel

This simultaneous invasion by Israel of southern Lebanon and Palestine, continuous lying about causes and true intents of these incursions, and disregard to international laws and organizations began to backfire at Israel as it desperately tries to maintain global support for this campaign as criticism of Israeli actions rises - Al-Qaida's No. 2 leader issued a worldwide call Thursday for Muslims to rise up in a holy war against Israel and join the fighting in Lebanon and Gaza until Islam reigns from "Spain to Iraq." In the message broadcast by Al-Jazeera television, Ayman al-Zawahri, second in command to Osama bin Laden, said that al-Qaida now views "all the world as a battlefield open in front of us."
It's ironic that Shi'ite Hizballah now has support of their traditional Sunni enemy (Al Queda), these two Muslim factions are historical rivals, and yet recent events united them in mutual hatred of Israel.

In other developments today:
Rocket Slams Into Israeli Detergent Plant...
Temple Mount entry limited to prevent planned Friday protest...
Iranian Students Volunteer To Fight Israel...
Israel Decides Not to Expand Offensive...
*Security cabinet decides against an expansion of the ground offensive in Lebanon...
Military said set to issue further call-up of reserves...
1,402 rockets fired since onset of fighting...
Troops walk into ambush near stronghold...
Israel warns Palestinians by phone to get out before houses are attacked...
Staying sane in Beirut - with yoga and manicures...
Iranian paper claims that government bodies in Tel Aviv have been evacuated to Jerusalem...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Middle East Crisis: Day 15 - Israeli military ethics questioned

Israel repeated attacks on UN peacekeepers:

The United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon, or UNIFIL, was created by the United Nations, with the adoption of Security Council Resolution 425 and 426 on 19 March 1978, to confirm Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon,restore the international peace and security, and help the Lebanese Government restore its effective authority in the area. The first UNIFIL troops arrived in the area on 23 March 1978; these troops were reassigned from other UN peacekeeping operations in the area (namely UNEF and UNDOF). Israel invaded Lebanon again in 1982 (1982 Lebanon War), U.N. positions were overrun. During the occupation, UNIFIL's function was mainly the provision of food and aid to locals in Southern Lebanon. In 1999, it undertook a full withdrawal, which concluded in 2000 and enabled UNIFIL to resume its military tasks. At the request of the country of Lebanon in January 2006, the UN extended UNIFIL's mandate to expire 31 July 2006.:
* An Israeli tank shell hit a UNIFIL position in southern Lebanon on Monday 24 July, wounding four Ghananian soldiers.[115]
* Shrapnel from tank shells fired by the IDF seriously wounded an UN Indian soldier on 16 July.[116]
* and, as mentioned before on 25 July 2006 four UNTSO peacekeepers from Austria, Canada, China and Finland were killed in an Israeli air strike on a UN observation post in southern Lebanon. According to the UN, the four had taken shelter in a bunker under the post. It had been shelled 14 times by Israeli artillery, and a rescue team was also shelled as it tried to clear the rubble. "I am shocked and deeply distressed by the apparently deliberate targeting by Israeli Defence Forces of a UN Observer post in southern Lebanon," Secretary General Annan said in a statement from Rome. [118]

Israeli attacks on Red Cross in this conflict:

It was reported on 26 July that "at least 10 Lebanese ambulances bearing the emblem of the international red cross have [...] become targets in Israeli air strikes",[119] resulting in the death of more than a dozen patients and emergency workers.[120][121][122][123] Similarly, an ambulance struck by Israeli aircraft fire near Sour was marked as belonging to "the Shiite Amal militia", although that organisation is not acknowledged as a combatant in the conflict.[124]

Israeli Use of Illegal Weapons on civilian areas:

Lebanese President Emile Lahoud claimed Israeli forces have used "phosphorus incendiary bombs, which are a violation of international laws, … against Lebanese civilians".[108][109][110] Information Minister Ghazi Aridi also said, "Israel is using internationally prohibited weapons against civilians".[111] The Lebanese claim has been denied by Israeli authorities, and remains unverified.[112]
The relevant portion of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, to which Israel is a party,[113] reads:
2. It is prohibited in all circumstances to make any military objective located within a concentration of civilians the object of attack by air-delivered incendiary weapons.
3. It is further prohibited to make any military objective located within a concentration of civilians the object of attack by means of incendiary weapons other than air-delivered incendiary weapons, except when such military objective is clearly separated from the concentration of civilians and all feasible precautions are taken with a view to limiting the incendiary effects to the military objective and to avoiding, and in any event to minimizing, incidental loss of civilian life, injury to civilians and damage to civilian objects.[114]

In other news:
Hezbollah kills 14, wound 30 Israeli troops as the intense ground (at times hand-to-hand) combat continues in battle for Bint Jbeil heights in southern Lebanon

No agreement on Mideast cease-fire
Lebanese leader says Israel should be made to pay compensation...
'Hezbollah Freed Our Country'...
UN Annan calls for immediate cease-fire...
Lebanese Psychic Flooded With Calls...
Norwegian Cartoonist likens Olmert to Nazi...
Putin and Iran's Ahmadinejad discuss Mideast crises...
Hezbollah vows to begin firing missiles deeper into Israel...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Israeli forces deliberately kill 4 U.N. peacekeepers as strikes continue on Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon - A U.N. observer post was hit by an Israeli airstrike in south Lebanon Tuesday, killing four peacekeepers from Austria, Canada, China and Finland U.N. officials said. A bomb directly hit the building and shelter of an Indian patrol base from the observer force in the town of Khiyam near the eastern end of the border with Israel, said Milos Struger, spokesman for the U.N. peacekeeping force in Lebanon known as UNIFIL. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan said he was "shocked" at the "apparently deliberate targeting" of the post.

link to official statement:

Middle East Crisis Continues: Day 14, Israel accused of using banned weapons on civilians

President Emile Lahoud accused Israel on Sunday of using banned weapons against Lebanese civilians in its military offensive against the country. Lahoud said Israeli forces have fired "phosphorus incendiary bombs, which are a blatant violation of international laws, ...against Lebanese civilians." He called on the United Nations to help "deter Israel from using destructive weapons which violate human rights and the United Nations charter." In an extraordinary meeting earlier Sunday, the Lebanese government also accused Israel of using banned weapons against Lebanese civilians. "We are facing a real annihilation carried out by Israel," Information Minister Ghazi Aridi told reporters after the cabinet meeting. "Israel is using internationally prohibited weapons against civilians," he said. Military sources told Agence France Presse that Israel had used phosphorus incendiary bombs and implosion bombs, which suck up the air and collapse buildings.

in other news:
Israel Hits Beirut for 1st Time in 2 Days...
Saudi King Fears Full-Scale Middle East War...
Israel: 'There Can No Longer Be a Hezbollah'...
PAPER: Nations Reluctant to Commit Troops to Lebanon...
Olmert: Israel Has Stamina for Long Fight...
'Iran will protect Syria'...
'Russian roulette' with rockets in northern Israel...
Jewish, Israeli targets in USA put on heightened alert... <= here we go

Monday, July 24, 2006

Middle East Crisis Continues: Day 13

Heavy Fighting Continues...
Blair: Lebanon crisis a catastrophe...
Olmert: Syria cannot be a partner to diplomatic efforts... <- why not?
'Missile strike on Tel Aviv still real threat'...
Israel says it destroyed over 2,000 rockets since start of operation...
U.S. rushing bunker-busters to Israel...
Man gets year in jail for stealing from bomb shelter... <- what?!
Online controversy over graffiti by Israeli kids... <- check out my blog for the story
John Kerry on Mideast conflict: 'If I was president, this wouldn't have happened'... <- John Kerry - still a clown

but, on a positive side, Condoleeza Rice met with the Lebanese president today to disscuss the possiblity of mutual cessation of hostilities - which is a good sign, because USA is capable of pressuring both sides to dealing with their extremists

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Middle East Crisis Cartoon

Iran calls for boycott of Calvin Klein and Nutella

A bulletin on an Iranian state channel urged Iranians to boycott what it called "Zionist products," including those made by Pepsi, Nestle and Calvin Klein, and warned that profits from such products "are converted into bullets piercing the chests of Lebanese and Palestinian children." As evidence, the voice-over intoned, "Pepsi stands for 'pay each penny to save Israel.'

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Stephen Harper issues statement on 2 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan

July 22, 2006Ottawa, OntarioPrime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement on the deaths of Corporal Francisco Gomez and Corporal Jason Patrick Warren:“On behalf of Canadians, I extend my deepest condolences to the families and friends of Corporal Gomez and Corporal Warren, who lost their lives today as a result of a suicide vehicle attack in Afghanistan. Today's tragic incident also injured eight other Canadian Forces members, who are currently receiving treatment.“Canadians will never forget the sacrifice these men made on behalf of our country. While deeply saddened by their loss, we are proud of the men and women of the Canadian Forces, who continue to stand on guard for Canadian values around the world, in spite of personal risks to their own safety.“We are confident in the ability of our Canadian Forces members and know that they have the skills they need to succeed. We honour their commitment and their sacrifice on behalf of our country.“The nation extends its deepest gratitude to Corporal Gomez and Corporal Warren and prays for the swift recovery of their injured comrades.”

Just In: 2 Canadian soldiers killed and 8 wounded in Afghanistan suicide attack

attacker drove a car packed with explosives into a coalition vehicle in Kandahar City.
The attack came around 5:30pm local time and it's by far the largest single-day number of casualties Canada has suffered in Afghanistan.
Shortly after first blast, a second suicide bomber approached a crowd of people on foot and detonated his vest, killing seven Afghans and wounding 30 civilians. Both attackers died, but no coaltion members are believed to have been hit with the second explosion.
Maj. Scott Lundy, spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition forces in Kandahar, confirmed that a coalition convoy was attacked by a suicide car bomber and that there were casualties among soldiers in one of the vehicles, but wouldn't release names.
"This does show that the Taliban even have complete disregard for the life of ordinary Afghans and it's a sad moment," Lundy said.
The wounded soldiers were evacuated to the Kandahar Airfield's multinational hospital with what a coalition official described as non-life-threatening injuries. He refused to disclose the nationality or the total number of troops injured.
A purported Taliban spokesman has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
The attacks come just as Canadian troops were returning from more than two weeks of exhaustive fighting west of Kandahar.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Israel readies ground invasion of Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon - Israel massed tanks and troops on the border Friday and warned civilians to flee Hezbollah-controlled southern Lebanon as it prepared for a likely ground invasion to set up a deep buffer zone. An Israeli envoy said it will allow aid supplies into Lebanon, a day after the United Nations warned of a growing humanitarian crisis in the country. Hezbollah militants fired at least 11 rockets at Israel's port city of Haifa, wounding five people.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Picture of the Day

this is 1982 Time magazine cover ... and it happens again - history DOES repeat itself

Russia calls for immediate ceasefire, while Israel gears for full-scale invasion of Lebanon

Russia on Thursday sharply criticized Israel for its offensive against Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon, saying it went "far beyond the boundaries of an anti-terrorist operation" and repeating calls for an immediate cease-fire. The Foreign Ministry said Russia affirms the need to fight terrorism and called for the immediate release of captive Israeli soldiers, but it added that "the unprecedented scale of the casualties and destruction" in Lebanon indicates that Israel is using too much force.
The comment echoed a statement by President Vladimir Putin, who said while hosting a summit of the Group of Eight nations Saturday that Russia had the impression Israel was "pursuing wider goals" than the return of abducted soldiers. While G-8 leaders cobbled together a statement on the Mideast conflict in a bid to display unity, the criticism of Israel and the cease-fire call contrasted with the U.S. stance. Washington has rejected calls for an immediate cease-fire and blamed Hezbollah for the conflict's intensity.
Russia's Foreign Ministry said "international humanitarian law" demands that strikes be launched only against military targets, even if there are suspicions that civilian facilities could be used to support military actions.

There are also unconfirmed reports that Lebanese military might join forces with Hezbollah in the case of full-scale invasion by Zionist aggressors.

Israeli Prime Minister's daughter leads protest against Gaza killings,7340,L-3261125,00.html

Israeli PM Olmert’s own daughter protests Gaza killings - Dana Olmert takes part in left-wing demonstration outside army chief's house; protesters call Halutz 'murderer,' declare 'intifada shall prevail.' Meanwhile, human rights groups send letter to PM, defense minister, calling on them to stop war crimes in territories

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

UN-backed Ethiopian forces prepares invasion of Somalia as Islamic fascists advance

Ethiopia is prepared to invade neighboring Somalia to defend its U.N.-backed government against what appeared to be an imminent attack by Islamic militiamen, a government spokesman said Wednesday.
The militiamen, who hold most of southern Somalia, deployed hundreds of fighters outside the town where the largely powerless government is based and said they planned to seize it.
"We have the responsibility to defend the border and the Somali government. We will crush them," Ethiopia's Minister of Information, Berhan Hailu, told The Associated Press.
Seizing the town of Baidoa would give the Islamic militia — which the United States has linked to al-Qaida — the uncontested authority over most of Somalia.
Somali transitional President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed is allied with Ethiopia, and has asked for its support. Ethiopia has intervened militarily in Somalia in the past, and hundreds of Ethiopian troops have been spotted along the countries' border in recent weeks.
The Somali Islamist militants are allied with Muslim separatists in the Oromo region of Ethiopia

Is this child abuse in Israel

What is wrong with this pictures? Is this IDFs idea of a joke, because having children sign artillery shells that are used against civilian-populated areas in Lebanon is anything BUT a good PR - what were they thinking.

Picture of the Day

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss (R) shakes the hand of Imam Husham Al-Husainy (L) as they join a march of several thousand Arab-Americans demanding an end to the Israeli bombing of civilians in Lebanon and Gaza in Dearborn, Michigan July 18, 2006

Were three Israeli soldiers kidnapped at all?

Just a thought - but doesn't Israel claim that it is in a war with Hezbollah and Hamas (and looking at the news they seem to abide by that idea) - wouldn't that, then, make "kidnapped" Israeli soldiers CAPTURED POWs, just like 8,000+ Palestinians held in Israeli jails without being charged with anything under pretense of them being enemy combatants; since at the time of capture those soldiers were uniformed, enlisted men?!

Middle East: Crisis Continues

Israeli troops and Hezbollah militants exchanged heavy gunfire on the Lebanese side of the border and Israelis have been injured, security officials said. The Israeli army confirmed that there were clashes with Hezbollah in the area and Israelis had suffered casualties as Israeli ground troops cross the border into Lebanon.

Condoleezza Rice expected to arrive in Israel on Sunday...
Israeli Troops Battle Hezbollah Guerrillas on Ground...
EXODUS: Cruise liner evacuating more 1,000+ Americans from Lebanon has left for Cyprus...
FBI eyes Hezbollah agents...
Kudlow: Israel's moment...

The casualty count as of today is as follows:

Israel - civilians:13 killed[1], 326 injured; soldiers:12 killed[1], 9 wounded, 2 captured[2] (Israeli media accounts) and 2 killed is claimed but not confirmed nor denied [2]

Lebanon - civilians: 246 killed; 480 injured, Soldiers:22 killed[3][4](Lebanese government accounts)

Hezbollah Militants - 5 killed[1]

Meanwhile Israeli incursion into Gaza continues where:

Israel Defense Forces: 3 killed, 14 wounded, 1 captured[2]

Palestinians: 73 militants killed, 27 civilians killed, 3 policemen killed, 162 wounded[3]

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

A question to supporters of Israeli aggression against Lebanon

This photo provided the El-Akhras family, shows Saja El-Akhras, 8, who was one of six Canadians from the same family that were killed in Lebanon Sunday, July 16, 2006 during Israeli bomb attacks; she is one of 210 civilians killed within the last 6 days of Israeli offensive, only 9 Hezbollah members were killed as a result of artillery barrages and airstrikes on Lebanon.

Now a simple question to supporters of this Israeli offensive: How does the death of this child helps your cause?

Would have using special forces and Mossad to hunt down and kill Hamas and Hizbollah terrorists been more effective way to achieve the goal of "pre-emptive" protection for Israel (just like Israel is using surveillance to instantly destroy rocket launch sites with howitzers right now) instead of shelling the civilian areas? World would of applauded.
Just another thought - in 1982 Israeli military entered Beirut under similar auspices (as punitive action for failed assassination attempt of Israeli ambassador in UK) - the results were 6,000+ dead civilians, consequent creation of Hezbollah, exodus of Christian Lebanese minority from southern Lebanon (way before any Hizbollah strongholds were there), and bin Laden's inspiration for WTC attacks on 9/11 after seeing burning highrises in Beirut.
History does have a tendency to repeat itself ...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Battlefield: Middle East Update

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Seven Canadians, including several children, are dead after an Israeli air raid on a Lebanese town near the Israel border, CanWest News Service has confirmed. Six others are said to be in critical condition. All eight were from Montreal and are members of the same family, CanWest has learned. Four of those killed were children between ages one and eight.
Canada is trying to evacuate the thousands of residents currently in Lebanon, as conflict and violence with Israel heightens to new levels. There are 16,000 Canadians are registered as being in Lebanon. But officials believe as many as 40,000 Canadians are currently in Lebanon. Canada has a large population of people of Lebanese descent. The federal government has warned against travel to the country and is advising those in Lebanon to stay indoors, limit their movement and ensure their passports and other vital information are up-to-date. Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay said on Sunday that Canadians who want to leave Lebanon will be evacuated by ship and possibly helicopter. He called for restraint on all sides in the Middle East.

So, following Israeli foreign policy logic, should Canada start shelling Israeli cities in retaliation? Just asking.

Another 35 Taliban killed in raids by coalition (INCLUDING CANADIAN FORCES!)

Afghan and US-led coalition troops have killed 35 Taliban fighters in two separate raids in southern Afghanistan. Late on Saturday, troops backed by air strikes attacked two areas close to the Sangin district of Helmand province.
The raids were part of a major offensive launched last month by foreign troops in response to a wave of violence by a resurgent Taliban across the south. Nabi Mullahkhail, Helmand's police chief, said: "Twenty-seven Taliban were killed in one of the attacks in which coalition and Afghan forces took part and eight other Taliban died in another raid."
He said that one of those killed was a local Taliban commander. There were no reports of casualties among coalition or Afghan troops. Another 10 Taliban fighters were killed on Saturday in an early morning air assault in Sangin.
The recent coalition strikes in Afghanistan are part of a joint operation between British, U.S., and Canadian troops.


There have been claims that civilians have been killed in the strikes and Hamid Karzai, the Afghan president, has ordered an investigation into reports that civilians were killed in a coalition air attack in the Uruzgan province on Monday. The US military said that there had been no reports of civilian deaths and Major Tom Collins, the coalition spokesman, said that the claims had been fabricated as part of a "propaganda campaign".

"Israel Acting Like Hitler!?", Iran getting involved in conflict

The latter was said by none other than Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - "The Zionists think that they are victims of Hitler, but they act like Hitler and behave worse than Genghis Khan".Earlier, Iran denied Israeli claims that it had troops in Lebanon and that it helped Hizbullah to attack an Israeli warship, saying the guerrilla group could fend for itself without outside help.
OC Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Udi Adam said that Iranian troops are helping Hizbullah guerrillas fire Iranian-made rockets at Israel. Adam said Israeli forces had identified Iranian troops.
"There are no (Iranian) guards there. Shipment of (Iranian) missiles to Hizbullah is also not correct," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi told reporters Sunday. Asefi also warned Israel that attacking Syria and expanding the conflict in the region would bring the Jewish state "unimaginable damages."
"We hope the Zionist regime does not make the mistake of attacking Syria. Expanding the front of aggression and attacks ... will definitely face the Zionist regime with unimaginable damages," Asefi said. Israel said Saturday that 100 Iranian troops from the elite Revolutionary Guards were in Lebanon, and that they helped Hizbullah fire a sophisticated radar-guided missile at an Israeli warship blockading the Lebanese coast late Friday.
Initially, it was believed that an unmanned drone laden with explosives had hit the Israeli warship, but it later became clear that Hizbullah had used what Israel described as an Iranian-made, radar-guided C-802 missile.
Meanwhile 8 civilians were killed and dozens wounded as Hizbollah pounded Haifa train station with missiles.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Afghan and coalition forces have killed nearly 60 rebels in major clashes with insurgents in southern Afghanistan over the past two days. The government and US-led coalition said meanwhile they were investigating media reports of mounting civilian casualties as Afghan and coalition troops push ahead with a major anti-Taliban operation launched two months ago.
More than 30 "enemy extremists" were killed in an operation in Uruzgan province on Thursday, the US-led coalition said in a statement as the worst violence since the fall of the Taliban continued. Afghan army and coalition forces attacked around 40 rebels on Thursday and Friday "in an effort to disrupt and deny enemy operations in those areas," the coalition statement said.
"Patrol reports and debriefings concluded that an estimated 31 enemy extremists were killed during engagements in Chora, Kala Kala, and Khorma villages," it said. Another 10 were killed Saturday in an early morning air assault on "several known extremist targets" in southern Helmand province, one of the areas worst hit by a Taliban insurgency and where more than 2,300 British troops are based. "Coalition forces, supported by Afghan and coalition ground forces, conducted a night-time air assault into Sangin and killed 10 enemy extremists in a brief battle," a separate coalition statement said.
I am so proud Canadian soldiers are a part of these operations.

And the socialist idiot of the day award goes to ...

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Friday that U.S. backing of Israel is responsible for flaming tensions in the Middle East and putting the world on course toward another "Holocaust." "The fundamental blame falls again on the U.S. empire. It's the empire that armed and supported the abuses of the Israeli elite, which has invaded, abused and defied the United Nations for a long time," Chavez said in a speech during a military act in Caracas." I'll seize this opportunity to condemn categorically and fully the aggression that the Israeli elite is carrying out against innocents over there in the Middle East," he said.
WOW! this guy again

Friday, July 14, 2006

Hezbollah leader:"You Want Full Scale War - You Got It!"

Israeli warplanes Friday destroyed the building housing the headquarters of Hezbollah guerrillas in southern Beirut, the group's TV station reported. It did not report any casualties.
Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah and the top leadership of the group have offices and residences in the high-security area, but they were likely to have been on the move during the Israeli offensive.
Nasrallah delivered an electrifying speech calling for full-scale war against Israel; meanwhile militants blew up security gate between Egypt and Gaza strip, with 100s of Palestinian flooding into Gaza as gun battles follow there.
UN security counsel is split on how to handle the given situation - Lebanese representative called for immediate international intervention against Israeli aggressors; U.S.'s John Bolton maintained neutrality, while Israeli representative called recent Hezbollah actions an act of war, calling invasion of Lebanon "mutually beneficial" action; Israel also blamed Iran for importing Russian-made "Katyusha" rockets - 700+ of which were fired on Israel within last 24 hours; 2 Israelis were killed, dozens wounded - citizens are advised to attend to bomb shelters, stay away from windows, etc.

Vatican condemns both sides in Middle Eastern conflict

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Israeli extremist group kidnaps 2 Palestinians in retaliation

Does World War 3 Start Today ?!

Israeli forces go berserk, strike Beirut airport

- Israeli jets fire 3 rockets into runway at Beirut international airport, Reuters reports, quoting security sources. Details soon
- Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called the Hezbollah raid an "act of war" by Lebanon and threatened "very, very, very painful" retaliation. The Cabinet, meeting in the wake of the military's highest daily death toll in four years, decided to continue the army operation and call on the international community to disarm Hezbollah, according to participants

- here comes another full-scale war to Middle East, stay tuned

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Zidane Attacks Fidel Castro!

Israeli "operation" expands into Lebanon

The Hezbollah militant group captured two Israeli soldiers during clashes along the Lebanese border on Wednesday, triggering an Israeli assault with warplanes, tanks and gunboats as Israeli troops crossed the frontier to hunt for the captives.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert called the guerrilla attack "an act of war" and warned that Hezbollah would pay a "heavy price" for its actions.
Israeli warplanes struck two bridges over the Litani River deep in southern Lebanon, killing two civilians on the main north-south highway between the port cities of Tyre and Sidon, Lebanese security officials said. The pan-Arab satellite TV al-Arabiya station said that at least seven Israeli soldiers were killed in the fighting, and that several more were wounded.
The Israeli army confirmed casualties among the soldiers, but did not comment on the reports of possible deaths.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

9/11, 7/7, 3/11, and NOW THIS! 7/11 OF ALL DAYS

People stand near the carriage of a train that was destroyed in a bomb explosion in Bombay, India, Tuesday, July 11, 2006. Seven explosions ripped through packed commuter trains during rush hour Tuesday in India's commercial capital, killing more than 143 people and injuring 300 in what officials said was a well-coordinated bomb attack by terrorists. India's major cities were put on high alert after the blasts.
This is Al Queda fingerprints all over this, especially with the date selection (9/11 NY, 7/7 Madrid, 3/11 London, and now 7/11 - Bombay).

Monday, July 10, 2006

Here is what exactly was said to Zidane by Italian racist Marco Materazzi

The deaf forensic lip-reader Jessica Rees was employed to analyze the video sequences with the help of an Italian translator. According to these reports, Materazzi spoke in Italian - a language understood by Zidane due to his time spent with Juventus F.C. - and first told him: "Hold on, wait, that one's not for a nigger like you." As the players walked forward, Materazzi allegedly said: "We all know you are the son of a terrorist whore." Then, just before the headbutt, he was seen saying: "So just fuck off." [8] [9] According to Brazilian TV Rede Globo, a lip-reader claimed that Materazzi called Zidane's sister a prostitute two times.[10]
In response to news reports that he had called Zidane a "dirty terrorist"[4], Materazzi stated: "It is absolutely not true, I did not call him a terrorist. I'm ignorant. I don't even know what the word means."[5]
No wonder Zidane flipped out ...

Great idea for Basaev's funeral

Not only have Russian forces blew this savage's head off, killing him, and 12 of his Islamic terrorist friends - Russian mothers of Beslan proposed a great idea - hold a funeral for this scumbag, and then have anyone who comes to mourn him beaten to death - which I think is brilliant.



UK newspaper Guardian had claimed that Materazzi called Zidane a "terrorist", the verbal assault which resulted in the headbut, and red card for Zizu, however, this morning Zinedine Zidane has won the FIFA award as the outstanding player of the World Cup despite being sent off.
Oh well, typical Italian arrogance, Zidane should of known better, though, even if that was said to him, insulting his Algerian ethnicity - he really jeopardized his team's chances of winning the tournament.


In overnight operation, Russian FSB (intelligence) forces had killed most prominent and only remaining Islamic Chechen rebel commander Shamil Basaev and his retinue in the one of the suburbs in volatile province of Ingushetia.
Finally, payback for Beslan school massacre and Budenovsk hospital seige, as well as dozens of major attacks. These amazing recent efforts by Russian will hopefully finally bring stability and peace to the region.
Official FSB source was quoted as saying Basayev was among a group of militants killed as they prepared to carry out a "terrorist act" in Ingushetia, which borders on Chechnya.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Why Zidane, Why?

In the World Cup final, Zidane lost control of his temper.
The parting image for the France captain will forever be him rearing back in anger, lowering his head and launching his bald crown into the chest of Italy defender Marco Materazzi after the two exchanged words while walking down the field in extra time Sunday.
The game was tied 1-1 when Zidane was given a red card in the 110th minute. Without their sharpshooting captain, the French couldn't unlock Italy's defense and went on to lose in a shootout, 5-3.
"Zidane being sent off changed everything," France coach Raymond Domenech said. "Even in extra time the Italian team was waiting for only one thing, and that was penalties."
Domenech said he did not know what Materazzi said to Zidane.

cool animation and music here:

or this (what could have happened in alternative universe):

Stephen Harper, Canadian PM, thanks football fans

Statement by the Prime Minister on the World Cup
July 9, 2006Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement on Italy's World Cup final victory.“Canadians gathered today in our cities, towns and public squares to watch the World Cup soccer final in a vivid example of our country's passion for athletics and competition. I was pleased to watch the game with my son, Ben, and friends in Calgary.“On behalf of Canada’s New Government, I would like to congratulate Italy on its World Cup victory, and wish Italian-Canadians the most joyous of celebrations. “I would also like to congratulate France and its supporters on a hard-fought tournament, and take this opportunity to express my deep desire to see Canada join the world's best in South Africa in 2010.”

Another Canadian Hero Sacrifices Life for Freedom and Democracy

A young reservist from Thunder Bay, Ont., has been killed in battle in Afghanistan, a day after Islamic Taliban militants wounded two other Canadians in the same area west of Kandahar City.
Cpl. Anthony Joseph Boneca, a 21-year-old from Thunder Bay, Ont., was on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan and serving with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. (DND)
The international and Afghan forces have been battling since Friday night in the southern area, considered to be a hotbed of Taliban activity over the past few months.
Brig.-Gen. David Fraser, Canada's top soldier in Afghanistan, called Boneca's death a tragic loss. But Fraser said it wouldn't deter Canada's 2,300 soldiers from continuing their mission. They're part of the U.S.-led international forces that have been trying to stabilize Afghanistan since the Taliban government was ousted after the al-Qaeda attacks on the United States on Sept. 11, 2001.
Boneca's uncle, William Babe, said his nephew was on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan and serving with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.

SEMPER FI, Civilized world honors the ultimate sacrifice of this young man in the global war against Islamic fundamentalism, for he gave his life for our security, freedom, and democracy ... something liberals refuse to acknowledge

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Israel rejects truce, continues operations in Gaza (picture of the day)

Israeli armored vehicles carrying soldiers from the Golani Brigades leave the northern Gaza Strip to a base near Kibbutz Zikim, Israel, Saturday, July 8, 2006. Israel sent troops and tanks into eastern Gaza on Saturday and clashed with militants in a broadened incursion aimed at forcing the release of a captured soldier. The Israeli force entered Gaza early Saturday near the Karni commercial crossing, advancing into Gaza just a quarter mile from the Shajaiyeh and Zeitun neighborhoods

Friday, July 07, 2006

Yahoo poster of the day award goes to ...

* I decided to intorduce a new category of best for best relevant posters/ posts on Yahoo message boards, on which I am a frequent visitor:

Today Yahoo Poster of the day is:


he introduced new phrase to political jargon:


just brilliant

Another Muslim terrorist plot disrupted in NY, this just doesn't stop

WASHINGTON - Authorities have disrupted planning by foreign terrorists for an attack on New York City tunnels, two law enforcement officials said Friday. FBI agents monitoring Islamic fundamentalist Internet chat rooms used by extremists learned in recent months of the plot to strike a blow at the city's economy by destroying vital transportation networks, one official said.
Lebanese authorities, acting on a U.S. request, have arrested one of the alleged plotters, identified as Amir Andalousli, the other official said. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still under way.
The planning for the tunnel attacks was first reported by the New York Daily News in its Friday editions, the first anniversary of the attacks on the London transportation system that killed 52 people. It was unclear how far along the planning was.
But the FBI, in a brief statement, said, "At this time, we have no indication of any imminent threat to the New York transportation system or anywhere else in the United States."
The Daily News reported that the plotters wanted to blow up the Holland Tunnel, the southernmost link between Manhattan and New Jersey, in the hopes of flooding New York's Financial District. The desired effect would be akin to the flooding that ravaged New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the newspaper said.

I have only one question liberals - do you still deny that the entire world is at war against Islamic radicalism?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Resolution against Israeli occupation of Gaza in works

In the bloodiest day since Israel invaded the Gaza Strip over a soldier's capture, troops on Thursday seized three empty Jewish settlements abandoned by Israel last year and pushed toward densely populated towns, leaving at least 13 Palestinians and one Israeli soldier dead
Acting on behalf of Arab nations, Qatar circulated a draft U.N. Security Council resolution Thursday demanding Israel end its offensive in the Gaza Strip and release the Palestinian officials it has arrested. The draft faced immediate opposition from the United States and France, which called it unbalanced in its criticism of Israel.
About time ...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


TOKYO - A defiant North Korea test-fired a long-range missile Wednesday that may be capable of reaching America, but it failed seconds after launch, U.S. officials said. The North also tested four shorter range missiles in an exercise the White House called "a provocation" but not an immediate threat.
Ignoring stern U.S. and Japanese warnings, the isolated communist nation carried out the audacious military tests even as the U.S. celebrated the Fourth of July and launched the space shuttle. South Korea' s Yonhap news agency reported as many as 10 missiles altogether may have been launched, but officials could not confirm that.
None of the missiles made it as far as Japan. The Japanese government said all landed in the Sea of Japan between Japan and the Korean Peninsula.
"We do consider it provocative behavior," National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley said.
Japan protested the tests and called for a U.N. Security Council meeting.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Another day in the life of 3 leaders of Axis of Evil

Today, Mahmoud hosted a wild striptease poker party for his dear anti-American friends ... well almost...

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez, and Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are in Banjul, capital of Gambia, as seen Saturday, July 1, 2006. African leaders opened a summit addressing their continent's many woes Saturday while offering a special welcome to the firebrand presidents of Iran and Venezuela, each seeking support for anti-American agendas.

Well, Ahmadinjad was given until July 12th to suspend ALL nuclear enrichment by U.N. council, after which, in case of incompliance, the sanctions will have to be implemented - see libs? all fair, and passing global test. We all know what Pat Robertson thinks should be done with Chavez ...

Meanwhile, North Korean Commie leader Kim Jong Crazy threatened America with nuclear holocaust ... again, YAWN! Seriously though - NORAD is in the state of high alert in case North Korea launches long-range test missile in U.S. direction (which will be considered an act of war - FUN, FUN, FUN), and because, apparently, gigantic meteor just bypassed earth very closely on Sunday (but that's not really important). I think this trio is really pushing their luck, even Mexico went conservative in very close presidential race over the weekend, but justice and freedom are on the march - and these men are not with us, in president Bush's terms.

And, oh yeah, libtards are planning massive anti-American demonstrations for tomorrow (Independence Day), spearhead by an insane woman Cindy Sheehan (who belongs in mental institution in straight jacket). I bet they will exercise their constitutional right to burn U.S. flags and spit on our troops ... I bet Islamic terrorists are planning too, SHAME ON YOU LIBERAL ASS BANDITS!

Americans - Lonlier than Ever in History

A sociological study from Duke and the University of Arizona found that most Americans have only two close confidantes, the New York Times reported Sunday. With the rise of the Internet, an increase in work hours and long commutes, and technology that discourages face-to-face interaction, the average American's connection to his or her community is weakening, the Times reported from the study.
Despite the perceived decrease in meaningful social connections, the study also showed that the bond between spouses has grown stronger, partially due to the fact that more households are comprised of two working parents, the study said. The study also indicated that Americans use their entire social network when making a major life decision, the Times reported. Dr. Robert Putnam, the author of "Bowling Alone," told the Times that that the increased use of technology is not a bad thing, as long as Americans use it to "strengthen and deepen relationships that we have offline."

Sunday, July 02, 2006

America never fails Hollywood and vice versa

American moviegoers are returning to the multiplex, steadily if slowly, Sharon Waxman reports in Monday's NY TIMES. Through the first 25 weeks of the year, domestic box-office revenue -- helped by a boost in ticket prices -- was up nearly 5 percent, to $4.6 billion, though it still trailed 2004. Movie attendance was up about 1.65 percent to 699 million for the first 25 weeks, after a sharp decline the year before. The totals grew last weekend as Warner Brothers' "Superman Returns" took in $84 million over a six-day period.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Unprecedented Israeli Aggression Continues in Gaza Strip

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Israeli aircraft fired missiles at the Palestinian prime minister's office early Sunday, just hours after a Palestinian official said the soldier whose abduction sent Israeli troops into Gaza is alive and in stable condition.
A Hamas militant was killed in another Israeli airstrike.
Palestinians witnesses said two missiles fired by attack helicopters hit the Gaza City office of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas early Sunday, slightly injuring a bystander and setting the empty building on fire. Inspecting his burning office, Haniyeh called the attack senseless.
"They have targeted a symbol for the Palestinian people," he said.
The Israeli military confirmed the attack and said it would "employ all means at its disposal ... to secure the safe return" of 19-year-old soldier Cpl. Gilad Shalit who was abducted by Palestinian militants on Sunday.

Ukrainian football team is AS GOOD AS England, Brazil, and Argentina !

Wow, another two day of trial and tribulations as England, Brazil, Argentina, AND Ukraine got eliminated from quarter finals. As much as it was surprising to see England being beaten by Portugal - it was absolutely unbelievable to see Ukraine's team being on the same level as England, Argentina, and Brazil in this tournament.
And as all-European semi-finals approach, I am sure novice Ukrainian team and the nation is jubilant over all the progress made, looking forward to the upcoming Euro, and next World cup where that team will enter as the tested world-class team.

Israel threatens to assassinate Palestinian PM over captured soldier

ISRAEL last night threatened to assassinate Palestinian Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh if Hamas militants did not release a captured Israeli soldier unharmed.
The unprecedented warning was delivered to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in a letter as Israel debated a deal offered by Hamas to free Corporal Gilad Shalit. It came as Israeli military officials readied a second invasion force for a huge offensive into Gaza.
Hamas's Gaza-based political leaders, including Mr Haniyeh, had already gone into hiding. But last night's direct threat to kill Mr Haniyeh, a democratically elected head of state, sharply raised the stakes.
The bid to free Corporal Shalit was brokered by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who last night warned Hamas it faced severe consequences if it did not curb its "extreme stance" and described the growing conflict as a lightning rod for Palestinian vengeance.